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Melt Calories. Get Fit. Have FUN! That's What Our Classes Are All About!

Tone up with System Training Center's high-energy, high-impact, fat-burning Fitness classes and learn drills and exercises that will not only make you bigger, faster, stronger, but also make you feel great.

You'll torch calories with a mixture of functional movements that improve agility, cardiovascular performance, and endurance. Our Fitness classes are a mixture of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Boot Camp, and Circuit Training similar to the exercises used to prepare Kickboxing and MMA fighters.

Fitness Classes in Westwood

Start Seeing Mind-Blowing Results After Just A Few Short Sessions!

Systems Training Center takes pride in provided some of the most effective Fitness training techniques for our students in a fun and motivational environment. Although any exercise is better than none at all, training with our professionals in Westwood will take your performance to a whole new level.

Our Fitness classes are designed to show you results and get you into the best shape of your life. We focus on giving you a foundation for a healthy lifestyle through improved cardiovascular health, increased fat loss, and greater strength and flexibility!

Additionally, you'll experience all these great benefits:

  • Muscle toning and strengthening
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Improved health
  • Weight loss and body fat reduction
  • Feel better in your day-to-day life

Fitness Classes In Westwood Empower you To Reach Your Goals!

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